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What Are Adenoids

Adenoids are lymphoid structure at back of the neck. They are present since birth, they grow upto their maximum size by 6 years and regress by puberty.

Function of Adenoids

They help in immune function of the body. They produce immunoglobulins to defend body against microorganisms.

Why Do We Need to Get Adenoids Removed

However, recurrent infection leads to its enlargement and nasal obstruction. They also become reservoir of infection.

Enlarged adenoids lead to nasal obstruction and leads to adenoid facies. all these problems leads to school absteenism, reduced concentration, low IQ in children.

Such children requires adenoidectomy.


The procedure is done under general anesthesia.

Time: 30 minutes around.


done under general anesthesia, adenoids are removed by adenoid curette, bleeding controlled. Patient shifted to recovery later and discharged later

Coblation adenoidectomy: coblator is used to remove the adenoids causing minimum damage to surrounding tissue, it causes very less postoperative pain and easy recovery.

Why Choose Alvura

we provide all sorts of surgical techniques and resort to surgery if only required. We will try to manage the child conservatively initially and surgery is done in case child is developing adenoid facies syndrome